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One set of old private house rental villas a day

A set of rental villas a day renovated from an old private house in Shonan and Chigasaki. Passing through the gate of Kyoto-style architecture, you will find a comfortable residential space that is a modern renovation of a building from the 1945's beyond the terrace full of greenery. You can use all 80㎡ such as a dining kitchen with a high ceiling, a bright Japanese room with a view of the Japanese garden, and a calm Western-style bedroom. _D04a07d8-9cd1-3239-9149-20813d6c673b_ I have received it.
Newly renovated single-family private villa located in Chigasaki City, one of the well-known beach resorts in Shonan area, south of Tokyo. We provide a traditional Japanese setting with modern western amenities. Our property features a peaceful garden, a traditional tatami room , Room kitchen / dining room area with vaulted ceiling, and bedroom.
​ Dining Kitchen
The rental villa, Japanese garden, cafe, and shop are adjacent to the site of about 160 tsubo. The rental villa area is a building with a private terrace, and there is a garden where you can enjoy the flowers of the four seasons in abundant greenery. Bedroom Has 2 beds in the Western-style room and 3 sets of futons in the Japanese-style room. It is a long-stay hideaway villa with the latest bath and toilet, a refrigerator, a washer / dryer, etc. Ideal for travel, homecoming, creative activities, etc.
Japanese traditional villa with a beautiful Japanese garden. Highly recommended for a long stay vacation. We have a Bedroom with two western bed,  and Japanese Tatami room with three Futon mattresses.
Japanese-style room with a view of the garden
We will check in at the cafe at the entrance and explain how to hand over the keys and how to use the villa. Since we have obtained a business permit for the inn business simple lodging, please fill in the guest list. (Overseas customers will make a note of the passport number)
Face to face check and brief instruction of the facilities provided upon arrival. Registration form is required since this property is officially registered by Japanese government. (Passport number required for international visitors)
0705 (2).jpg
Calm Western room
Terms of use

​ Basic charge
33,000 yen ~ / 1 night
64,000 yen ~ / 2 nights
* A separate cleaning fee of 4,400 yen will be charged for each stay.
* Accommodation charges vary depending on the season.
​ * There is a discount for consecutive nights for one week / month.
​ * From March to November, basic stays of 2 nights or more will be used.
(10% tax included)

Private house
Guest capacity: 5 people Bedroom: 2 rooms (semi-double bed: 2 / futon: 3 pairs)
Bathroom: 1 room

​ Check-in method
After face-to-face check-in at the adjacent cafe, we will give a brief explanation of the facilities.

Rental villa entrance

Amenity / equipment / air conditioning (air conditioning)
・ Washer / dryer (drum type)
・ Towels, sheets, soap, toilet paper, iron, ironing board, TV (with Apple TV)
・ Wireless Wi-Fi (optical line)

·Vacuum cleaner

​ ・ Cleaning supplies

・ 《Winter》 Hot carpet

・ 《Winter 》 Oil heater

​ ・ 《Winter》 Humidifier

Family equipment (prepared as needed)
・ Picture books & toys ・ Children's tableware ・ Cribs ・ High chairs


Bedding & Bath Supplies

Semi-double bed: 2 beds

・ Futon: 3 pairs

・ Sheets

・ Spare pillows and blankets

​ ・ System bus

·Hair Dryer


・ Shampoos

Kitchen equipment / system kitchen

・ Dishwasher ・ Basic cooking utensils and seasonings ・ Tableware & cutlery ・ Microwave oven & toaster (integrated type)

・ Rice cooker ・ Refrigerator ・ Coffee maker


·Garbage can

Facilities / Free parking on site

​ ・ There is a dedicated entrance

​ ・ Room area approx. 80㎡

・ 5 free bicycles (1 child seat)

Others ・ Luggage storage OK
・ Long-term stay OK
・ You can stay for 28 nights or more.

Safety equipment / fire extinguisher / smoke detector

・ Drinking water for disasters

・ First aid kit

​ ・ Flashlight

How to make a reservation
・ Please contact us directly by phone or email.

It is possible to make a reservation through the reservation site, but there may be a system fee for the customer, so
Please check the schedule on the reservation site and contact us directly by phone or email.

cancellation policy
• 60 to 31 days before the scheduled admission date --- 10% of the total usage fee
• 30 to 15 days before the scheduled admission date ---- 50% of the total usage fee
• 14-4 days before the scheduled admission date ---- 80% of the total usage fee
• 3rd to the day of scheduled admission ----- 100% of the total usage fee

・ As much as possible if you have the necessary equipment for your stay with your child
Please feel free to contact us as we will prepare it. (Kids chairs, toys, etc.)
・ It is also possible to pay by invoice to corporate customers (long-term stay).
・ Please let us know the details in advance when you return from overseas.

Permit number of the inn business law | Chigasaki City Health Center, Kanagawa Prefecture | No. 62-010-00002






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