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Staff recruitment


Hamaji is currently looking for staff who can help with the work of cafes and vacation rentals.

Please check the following details and apply from the form.

Recruitment content:

At Hama Time, we are creating a place where customers of all ages can spend a relaxing time.

​ We are looking for people who like cooking and can serve customers well.

Work place: 2-5-5 Nango, Chigasaki-shi

Job Description:

  • Cafe business (customer service / cooking)

  • Rental villa business (customer service / cleaning), etc.

Working hours: 10: 15-17: 15 (with breaks)

Number of working days: About 1 day a week (Saturday)

Salary: Hourly wage system

How to apply: Please apply using the form below.

* Please refrain from applying via SNS DM.

Staff application form

Thank you for your application!




確認メールが届かない場合がございます。 / / / など

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